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11/4 Midterm Update – Early Voting Counts: 27 Million

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Record Pace of Early Voting in the 2018 Midterms

By: Christopher Hanrahan

UPDATE: Now that midterms have happened, the early candidacy story is off to an interesting start. Check out “Who’s running in 2020” at http://www.mocondemand.com/2020.

It is exciting to both the Democrats and Republicans that so many early votes are being returned with 2 days to go until Election Day.  In fact, in several states, there have been record early voting numbers.

The candidates have all done their ad spending, their canvasing, their pamphleteering, and of course have placed millions of Political Signs in yards and along roads all across America.

My assumption is that a substantial number of votes are still going to being cast for the GOP party.  While I’m making that argument, it’s important to also say, there has never been a more important time for the Democrats to get votes, and so part of this early turnout most certainly includes a renewed Democrat base, being led by and rallying around a very grey-haired Barack Obama and a black-as-ever Oprah Winfrey, trying to get the black voters in this Country to Vote Democrat. In last year’s SOTU speech by Donald Trump, when he said good things about the economy and the jobs numbers, I saw the Democrats were not impressed. There is solidarity among some Democrats who would never vote for Donald Trump. In 2020, I assume that some of them will be the votes that matter, when supporters switch between options of voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, a likely candidate who has “not shut the door on” the chance to run again. But as of now, there could be hundreds of possible in competition for the fabled DNC nomination.

While the dissenting commenters on Facebook Channels such as [Now This] will amass almost 2,000 negative comments during the course of Trump’s Rally speeches today

“Orange Man Bad”

Seen On “Now This” Livestream

There could be witnessed a stoic solidarity among the in-person audience who watched Barack Obama deliver his speech today in his home town of Chicago, IL.  There were emotions in the room of “we better win”, and “orange man bad”. In seeing the participation of the virtual audience (I chose to watch the alt-left leaning “Now This” livestream) I was witnessing inspiration. “Orange man bad”, said one of them. The others agreed.

Some are inspired despite the “carefully considered” details that somehow make Obama’s speech from today less than perfect and a bit scary even, especially considering the context. Some say, “it works”, this speech was given strategically and strengthened, not hurt the chances of The contrast was obvious to those who make a point of observing these political events through the ESP Tribe Lens.

Enjoy the show!



Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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