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Where are the missing $2.3T?

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Donald Rumsfeld, September 10, 2001


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One thought on “Where are the missing $2.3T?

  1. WTC7 contained tenants such as the CIA – and indeed there has been an effort by the media to decrease the awareness shared by the public.
    In fact, even if parts of the public really are aware of the dire and bleak facts, their true nature will only be understood if their first intention (to block out excessively bad information from their consideration) is ignored and an investigative (or curious, or scrutinizing) lens is put to the problems with the official story/explanation (“spontaneous collapse”) of the 47-story building on 9-11-2001.

    Jet Fuel Can’t melt Steel Beams – prove me wrong.
    The “pancake theory: was accepted so readily speaks volumes.
    In fact, this was the case even in the wake of the more enduring and meaningful/revealing theories surrounding Y2K, as I recall).
    Those were sure strange ones.

    The Y2K theorists were a lite trial for the widespread public acceptance at face value, of the events that unfolded on 9.11.
    We may never know who shot JFK, and we may never know where all the money really went.
    The missing $2.3 Trillion Dollars was never properly found and accounted for.

    If we #followthemoney it will not trace back to a very hopeful story.
    Not a justification for no disclosure, but a reality check and a sliding scale.
    A certain level of public disclosure would be so harmful to the prevailing public opinion.
    Part of the role of any US Congress has always been to ensure the legitimacy of the Body.
    Freeing it from corruption – candidates will all talk about it – what does that look like?
    What does Trump have to do with Corruption. Is he the Source of Corruption? (NO) Is he the Enemy of Corruption? (YES)
    That’s what I think, anyways.

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