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Dueling Politicians – Trump Vs. Pelosi


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An Iconic Shutdown

The government shutdown has caused inconvenience among the voting class (which elect Members of Congress on a 1 to 750,000 person basis), as well as in all 3 branches of government. In fact, Reductions in Force will likely occur due to the prolonged *record setting* Government Shutdown. This is the way the system was designed to work.  The Antideficiency Act is in play and represents the will of the people.  You can contact the GAO to report any violations to which you may be privy.  It’s a role of all Americans yet it may not apply to you, depending on the purview you happen to have.  But it’s worth mentioning at this juncture.

State of The Union (SOTU)

The latest is that the SOTU address will not be given as planned (due to a number of factors) and that the CODEL (Congressional Delegation) will not be flying to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan with Pelosi and others aboard.  Trump fired back after only 24 hours, with the latest grounding of the Democrats, who have made efforts to preserve their political capital all while continuing to waste time and resist (which is what they think their constituents want them to do).  For what possible reasons might they be on this side of this issue?  Trump wants them to stay in town to negotiate through this government shutdown, and reach an outcome.

Trump may deliver his State of The Union address in several alternative ways, and some have even suggested that he deliver it before the Senate instead of the House.  Look here for last year’s SOTU speech.


Grounded – Congressional Delegations

Trump said in a letter to Pelosi, 1 hour before scheduled takeoff that while the military transport would no longer be available to, “obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative”.  Good job, Trump!  From the looks of it, she will not be doing that.  Will the latest 5D chess move by Trump’s Administration earn a response in return from Nancy Pelosi?  The answer is probably yes.


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