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What scandals are you most closely paying attention to right now?


Is it something that you heard or are hearing in today’s headlines?  Does it involve something that the Trump or Obama Administration did?  Go over to Kialo to discuss or post a comment here.

What about Mike Rogers sensing the plan to unmask and wiretap and query the NSA database to make political queries against the Trump Campaign?  The FISA Court issued guidelines on the About Queries – Page 80 of the March 2017 report was especially damning – people within the government contracting world created the foot-traffic of the Obama DOJ/FBI operation.

Crossfire Hurricane 

That was the code word for the Trump Campaign surveillance operation, the next phase.  The unmasking left a big paper trail, and the legal basis for creating the legal warrant to spy using the “2-hop rule” to produce evidence of the Trump Team breaking at least 1 US law, which would warrant the continuation of the FISA Surveillance.  But at that point, a half year into it, they still had nothing. 

So, next, they made the evidence up – and Hillary Clinton showed the world what a reprinted April 2007 Wall Street Journal piece about lobbyist influence (a reprinted Glenn Simpson article) can be used as evidence.  You see, Glenn’s Fusion GPS operation was a continuation of his earlier fictional work.  Read these 2 documents side-by-side and let me know if you notice anything.

And the media has kept the public intrigued that some made-up, collusion happened between the Trump Campaign and Russia.  What a big hoax, as Trump likes to say.  It’s a shame that the first half of President Trump’s first term has been mired with this as a consistent headline.  But people see what’s happening because they know enough.  Some resistance exists when trying to explain much of what actually happened with the Russia Investigation during the course of the Uranium One operation, which now has led to a reframed investigation.  Rosenstein is running out of rope.  Mueller has been in charge for too long, and needs to wrap it up and move out of the way.  I believe that the FBI is about to get a major facelift through righting its wrongs to the American People.

A Second Look at Hillary Clinton

Many countless people thought that there was a 0% chance Hillary Clinton would lose.  I had every expectation that Trump would win.  I saw the process as it started, with some people quitting as soon as Trump was elected.  Some of my friends even moved overseas after the election was won.  There were an abundance of actors setting the example “if Donald Trump becomes president I am going to move to Canada” and there were CEOs all over who would do the same without so much as a public announcement as to why.  The very swamp that took part in surveilling the Trump Campaign was now subject to the prosecution of the Trump Administration.

Midyear Review is the name that was chosen for the review of the charges against Hillary Clinton.  There were always reasons that Hillary’s actions somehow operated above the law.  It was because if they caught her, they would catch Barack Obama, too.  Such an intensive look at the operations with foreign counterparts, on the part of Donald Trump do naturally beg the parallel question.



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