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The Train Track of the Alt-Left

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By: Chris Hanrahan

The money that was going to be spent on the now-cancelled project in California will not be returned to taxpayers, according to officials.  President Trump says that the Federal Government wants its money back for the project which didn’t materialize in an actual High-Speed Train system being built.  While they did attempt to do the project, using funding passed by Congress, they failed to get 100% of the land rights for the route, and it wasn’t even close.  In some areas, they got only 5% of the rights they needed.  Overall they only got 30-50% of the resources under contract, but then never actually did the project.  Not a single mile of track was laid.  

Then there’s the case of Elon Musk, whose Boring Company keeps popping onto the radar.

So I propose that the State of California should give the money back and that funding should be passed for a permit-less tunnel construction to go into effect along the same route.  New laws need to be enacted which change the landscape for tunneling projects of all scales and in all states.  There’s an added bonus to the subterranean alternative to a surface-train, too.  Where high-speed rails have failed above ground, we have to start thinking about tunneling as a solution rather than an obstacle.

Railways that go from the surface and burrow underground, can be designed so that transportation happens in a better way for all who choose to do the bold thing, and take their transportation routes underground.  While not many City Halls will be open to the suggestion that roads be adjusted to include underground networks, there is a bigger opportunity to be contemplated.  Think of the way a new transportation age could come along if every city had its own connection to both a local and an inter-city network.  

If the prevailing idea turns out to be that nobody is interested in getting serious about tunneling in the USA, then that’s what we will end up doing. In our Country, rich in its land resources, we will just continue to operate on the surface level.  I can only hope that eventually, enough success stories about new tunnels are a factor in driving the trend.  And not the Washington State way, but a better way that wastes less taxpayer money to fund, while at the same time being a more expansive tunnel network.  Washington State is infamous for its waste and fraud in the way taxpayer money flows to construction activities.  The entire region is in great need of a facelift – as seriously as is Los Angeles.  

The goal for the high speed railway in California is still a goal – to connect the communities with a new way of transportation.  They’ve already got the money.  They’ve quickly stated publicly that though the project is cancelled, they will not be returning any of the money.  This is just the start of that debate.  There are strong and weak arguments being made by both sides of this issue – as some property owners would never sign off on their state coming in and trying to buy out their land.  I can see this happening locally, in any state and in any town.  But until we reframe the way that new train track gets designed (and I would suggest, underground becomes the norm rather than the exception) we will see the debate run its course in time.  There are many Californians who see this as a chance to have their outcomes met by other means.  I suggest that those other means may be under our feet already.  Right there, underground.



Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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One thought on “The Train Track of the Alt-Left

  1. People will need to believe in the direction we go now. An increasing number of voices are being ignored on social media. From the liberal and conservative sides. But the cause is not that people are saying something wrong, it’s that it’s controversial and not what the other side wants to talk about. So they say what it takes to dissuade the public from paying attention to the other story line. And they lie and lie. And after a while, someone new starts to say something just like it. And the same people that suppressed and control the original, suppress and control whomever goes forward in their example.

    Any time a Member of Congress is called racist, or is racist, or says something sexist, they get whatever social sentence the media wants them to get. Sometimes they even earn a reputation. And at a certain point the marketplace of reputations gets people elected.

    We saw that Trump did a great job on the ground during the 2018 Midterm Elections.

    At least that’s what I thought happened. We kept the Senate Majority – something that has been invaluable to the longevity of Trump’s term in office.

    And now the 22-month lie that the Democrats started, has ended. And we can talk about the news that matters. News from the past (covering topics that you may have missed, and that those the history books are bound to miss) is informative if it gets presented in a way others can understand.

    The Members of Congress are informing us the direction our Government is heading. Some of them got elected by divisive hoax (conspiracy theory) talk. I’m willing to agree that we don’t know who did what, yet. If we can come to a better understanding of that in general, then US elections could be more informed and consequential.

    Am I the expert on Congress? Not yet. Some day. This site plans to inform more on that topic and make the whole conversation behind voting, better. Democrats will continue to say there’s Russian interference going on. I don’t think so.

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