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GSA: Major Charges Filed Against Long Island’s Aventura Technologies Today


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By: Chris Hanrahan

November 7, 2019

Charges were announced today against Aventura Technologies, who sold “Made In America” Network Surveillance Equipment to customers within the US Military.  A device reconciliation process is currently underway, and devices from over 1,000 shipments (over a matter of 10+ years) which are linked to Long Island’s Aventura Technologies are being impounded as part of the latest National Security Leak which was precipitated by a fraud that effects all 50 states in one major way.  

There are tax-related charges, money-laundering, and other charges.  This will be an extremely wide-reaching investigation, now that this investigation has been announced to the public.  The owners of Aventura Technologies (who even fraudulently registered their business as ‘woman owned’ to get additional preference with the US Government) are under fire for their complicity in providing the US Navy with Network Surveillance Systems that contained Chinese Made cameras and PRC software.  The masking that was applied by Aventura and their Chinese supply-side partners indeed compounded the complexity of identifying and remediating these devices after they had failed detection on installation.  The US Government rested on its laurels and trusted the paperwork that Aventura constantly signed, stating that the country of origin was “USA”.  

The US Navy and other customers have been operating for years with software containing undocumented vulnerabilities and most crucially, backdoor access for the Chinese Government.  Anytime there is a Supply Chain involved, and China is on the Bill of Materials, there is cause for concern.  In this particular case the defendants knowingly conspired with China to make the manufactured devices undetectable but for under close examination – which eventually has happened.  This is a developing story.  Remediating the damages done in this case will set a new high-water mark in all areas.  The list of impacted parties has yet to be completed…  and of course we don’t have any way of knowing which other foreign actors could have exploited these wrongly-sourced devices to extend their own interests.  We don’t have any way of knowing who is partnering with the Chinese Government.  Scary!

Defrauding the US Government is a crime that has rippling and history-altering effects.  This one is certainly no different, and it will perhaps lead to needed sweeping changes that are a problem outside of the walls of Aventura as well.  The investigation into Aventura’s fraud represents the most brazen trading of National Security and personal gain in the common era, where so much can be on the line so quickly, and with very little afterthought involved.

The defendants are alleged to have gone to extremely brazen lengths in manufacturing the parts in China.  Email evidence illustrates that they worked with the Chinese manufacturers to make the parts harder to detect.  The whistleblowers reported this company lead-up to this announcement, almost 3 years ago, with the initial complaint (in 2017) resulting in a GSA investigation.  The GSA detects illegal profiting from Government Contracts.  The implications for this type of behavior (on a Cyber Security Level) are extremely damning to National Security.  For starters, every time there is an incident like this it announces a vulnerability that can be exploited by multiple parties.  The certification processes used when installing devices at any secure facility dictate that serial numbers, etc. are documented and that “country of origin” is the USA.  This is not only industry standard for the Military Industrial Complex, it is the law.  

In total, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) detected 500+ shipments of the imported goods between 2017 and now.  The goods in the devices were marked with a fraudulent country of origin and all came through the JFK terminal.  In total over 1,000 shipments were made to the defendants.  They knowingly and repeatedly made false statements to the US Government, and dealt with the Chinese Government on sourcing the parts.  Investigators say the suspect devices were tampered with on every level imaginable.  Licensing, Software, identifiers such as MAC Addresses, and Serial Numbers, and other attributes were all modified in an attempt to obscure the process of making “fake Made in America” goods.  The result was an unprecedented number of faulty devices making their way within the (otherwise) secure walls of US Military Bases across the Country.  This type of violation by a US Military supplier has got to stop before it even begins.  In order to achieve that end, we need to get serious about the risks that are involved with trade with China.  What is being done to handle this on their end?  What interests do the Chinese Government truly hold, as we go into 2020?

Now is the time to declare that we need to eradicate this problem from the map.  We just had an election and in 2020 we will have another one.  The brazenness of this scheme is representative of some of the efforts (by Domestic and Foreign Actors) to rig and decide the 2020 election.  And that one is the important one that we have to get right.  I think the only way to add a credible common denominator to the voting process is Voter ID.  All of this represents a need for a more closely guarded internet in the United States.  Exploits can be understood by few, benefit even fewer, and put us all in danger in the process.  For this reason all equipment which can be linked to this type of fraud will now be subject to a complete and total Device Reconciliation activity which detects the presence of similar problem devices within the 50 States.  

If we plan to certify the 2020 election to a higher standard (than that to which which we anchor the 2016 election in our minds) then we will need more than the words of a crazy lady (Hillary Clinton) saying it was the Russians who got Trump elected.  Bull shit – there’s a reason you’re not in office Hillary.  We understand this game of finger pointing has become easy for you.  Hillary, you’re part of this problem and the thing that tells me this is the case is the stubbornness of all  your bulverist followers who still want you to run to be President.  Go for it, Hill.  Not like people enjoy Biden any more than the idea of your smug grin back in the Oval Office, getting away with murder like a real-life version of “NETFLIX”‘s House of Cards.

I just wonder which companies are next to be identified as an Aventura victim?  Which consumers will this effect?  How wide-reaching can this really get?  Reports also include indications that Aventura had been known to report its competitors for suspicion of the same crimes they themselves look to be guilty of now.  They say “innocent until proven guilty” but this is too big and brazen (and potentially game-changing).  Indeed this will push the need for a paradigm shift, where the need for National Security can once again be respected.

This as the Democrats want open borders.  I wonder what that’s about anyways?  The CBP’s opinions are known – we need a wall – and they have long ago endorsed Trump for that reason.  Anyone working against the wall is working against National Security.  And we simply can’t have that!

Lionel Nation on Negligence Claims

The following were notes taken from Lionel Nation YouTube Live Stream on Wednesday November 6, 2019.  Paying close attention to one particular part of the Live Stream, Lionel explains the 4 elements of a negligence claim.  Think about the implications as far as gross negligence are concerned in the area of technology.  The fraud that Aventura Technologies perpetrated on the American People perfectly outlines the criminality of negligence.  The duty (to protect US National Security) is sacred, and too many [American Companies] are not taking that duty seriously.  This case is about cutting corners for personal gain.  This is a sad moment in time.

What are the elements of a negligence claim?

1. The defendant owes a duty (a standard of care).

          e.g. Not to drive down the road drunk.

          To use reasonable cause as a physician (not do stupid things).

          If someone doesn’t have a duty, there’s no negligence.

2. Was there a breach?

          Did a party do something wrong?

          Standard of care or security?

3. Were there damages?

          What about Emotional Distress?

4. Breach of duty has to be connected to the damage.

          This is caused “proximate cause”.

          Was it foreseeable?

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