Members of Congress On-Demand
Member of the Trump Campaign

The Lie of Russian Assistance

The bearer of this card is a member in good standing of the Trump Train team, playing an integral role in helping to elect our next President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The member is officially recognized as a leader in our movement to Make America Great Again!

schiffty schiff

Frozen SCIF – Do Not Enter

By: Chris Hanrahan December 1, 2019 The Washington Deep Freeze is setting in and the month of December will be marked by a lot of distractive ad buying, promoting, of […]

[FISA and World Series in DC] ‘Go Expose’ – and ‘Go Expo’s’

October 28 2019 By Chris Hanrahan It’s anti-corruption week in Washington, D.C.  The way the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was used during the 2016 Presidential Election is under the magnifying […]


The Government Shutdown continues

Acosta’s Fake News CNN network called the Air Force and ask them if they’re going to come after the Commander In Chief for signing hats and violating their own version […]

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