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The Lie of Russian Assistance

Member of the Trump Campaign
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By: Chris Hanrahan

Impeachment Trial Update

Adam Schiff keeps repeating the disproven lie that the Trump Campaign accepted help from the Russians.  Isn’t that a disproven HRC Conspiracy Theory, though?  If there are some witnesses that can’t be called (such as the whistleblower) and the reason has to do with ‘Executive Privilege’. 

Most Americans will only understand one side of this testimony that is unfolding.  And the SCIF that Adam Schiff has recently emerged from produced evidence that has yet to be seen by the public.  Some of what we are being shown, which amounts to transcripts of phone calls and one-sided considerations of anti-corruption objectives, requires more clarification!

I trust that the White House Counsel will do a great job to clarify exactly what happened in 2016 “the insurance policy” which is linked to all of this too.  Crossfire Hurricane.  As lies about prior and ongoing willingness of Members of the Trump Campaign to accept help from The Russians continue to be told, you can make up your own mind about what to believe.

Do you believe, as some do, that Trump saw this investigation as a way to disable a political rival?  If so, then do you also believe (as you probably should) that Obama and Biden directly authorized Crossfire Hurricane?  Crossfire Hurricane was the corrupt scheme that directed the FBI and DOJ to scrape up any adverse inferences they could on members of the Trump Campaign.  Once they did this, they took it a step further and several FISA warrants were sought and granted.  The rest of the story needs more clarification so that the full details can be properly shared with the public.  The public should understand that they could just as easily have fallen victim to this type of illegal surveillance.  The truth is Civil Rights are on the line (even though they are not a card-carrying Member of the Trump Campaign) and if they listen to more of what the White House Counsel will present they will see that what was done with FISA lacked precedent, and that Barack Obama and Joe Biden made a big mistake when it came to the illegal “Insurance Policy” that coordinated the money hungry DNC apparatus in a targeted “Never Trump” effort which ended with Trump’s victory and Hillary Clinton holding nothing but a twisted and flawed conspiracy theory that Donald Trump couldn’t have won without help from the Russians.     HA!!!







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