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DJT Georgia Rally (9/25/2021)

Georgia Loves President Donald J. Trump!
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By: Chris Hanrahan



Dominion ……………..Technicians clearly messed with the dominion systems as part of an “upgrade path” removing the Voting Machine Logs and rendering them unattainable by the authorities responsible for the Arizona Audit.

Profit motives?  Yeah, they have them, internationally!  Brad R, the very lowly Secretary of State of Georgia, should be easy to pick apart for the historians who are given the whole story on the Election.  However, at the present time all that is available for consumption is a transcript (which did NOT result in Impeachment II, but did start it) and the MSM’s portrayal of the facts around the Election in Georgia.

Who is Ruby Freeman?

Why the suitcases of ballots?

More On Dominion Voting Systems…

What should their incentives as a business really be..
What they have proven that their incentives actually are… 

Did they cover all the bases during the course of what happened??? Doubtful…. so would an information “leak” happen if someone were to provide the needed evidence one system where the rules DID get followed and the Audit Logs are still intact, showing the nature of the FRAUD from November 3, 2020?

The authorities have yet to discover the smoking gun evidence (real interested readers know what I am referring to) that should have been available to the auditors during the Arizona Audit.  Having originally requested a broader scope of information, what was provided was only a subset.  Questions impossible to answer are still being asked.  Answers that are suggested based on the logician inside of some Americans says, if they had nothing to hide, then why did some of the MALARKEY occur?  Why were the terms of the contract with Americans everywhere VIOLATED so thoughtlessly.  The machines were internet connected.  But the evidence for even that has been mopped over by the Technicians at Dominion.

Americans are converging in Georgia for President Donald J. Trump’s Saturday 9/25/2021 Rally.  I suggest you watch, to hear more about what is going on!!!  MAGA (Make America Great Again).


All can see with absolute positivity, that President Donald J. Trump is still trying to Save America

And he has never conceded a political race, period!

Georgia Rally Audience:
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Georgia Representative MTG blew up a Prius using it
Good luck to all entrants!



Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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