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2020: a time of great challenge and perpetual genomics

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What are your challenges in 2020?  some are “common challenges” and some are “pre-existing”.  some revolve around the coronavirus and some are the coronavirus.

Some of the challenges we can overcome in 2020 will be even more great than those we feel we now face.  the year is long, and countries around the world are devolving at record pace, too. 

Novel and rare solutions to the coronavirus (vaccines, therapeutics, and other solutions) which will alter history are being sought in a state of perpetual genomics.

What revolutionary changes will be most noticeable in 2020?

Is it partly a product of the attention span of America?

What will be noticeable and what will be noticed?

What is observable and what is observed?

The perspective that Americans have about the future is shared by many, and it’s also different for every American. 

There are many black voters who have only ever voted for 1 Republican in their lifetime, and this November they plan on doing it again.

There are many other black voters who won’t be voting for a Republican ever, and they have their reasons for being a lifelong Democrat and it is their right as Americans to support whichever candidate they want.

The murder of George Floyd shone a light on the inequity in Law Enforcement in pockets of America.  With technology as a boon, we have the chance to choose 2020 to build better law enforcement, and it’s honorable that we are choosing the memory of the Floyd’s when embarking on the business of re-establishing Law Enforcement in America.  Lawlessness comes in many forms, and there are big laws and small laws.  There is also more than one way to kill a cat than to choke it with butter…. The solutions to everything from the FISA problem to the Public Food Stamps shortage that Representatives such as Suzan DelBene, WA-01 have been very vocal about recently.

Nobody’s goal should be to sway Democrats to the Republican side.  Through the election will strengthen one party or the other and as 2020 unfolds there will be needed strength at the end of the year, in preparation for 2021 when the future will feel new again, with cures in the rearview mirror and a cleaner planet on the horizon.

Headlines about the Russiagate origins continue to be made (just see what the talented journalists of the internet are writing about the topic recently, and you’ll see) and there are mindset shifts being made by some Americans (and not others) which is a new variety of normal.

Those plans you had in December?  How are they coming along?  Welcome to Q3, June 2020…. the economy in America wants to sprout through the ceiling of 2019.  The lessons 2020 can teach us in areas such as health, education, and economy (just for starters) are a fascinating topic you can hear being discussed.  By listening to these discussions and by starting new discussions, anyone alive in 2020 has the capacity to change the world.

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