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A Great Reminder

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To overfocus on what you think is a problem, in any scenario, and become tunnel visioned
does nobody any good…………………

Can you instead keep up with listening to the strategy that is working best now? Facts Matter
I think that there is no way the world won’t upload “MelarkeyBiden_24H_Republican_Side_Material” (China, if you’re listening…)
Make your words a poem, if you can,
It’s a great reminder to at least give others a chance to see
it as poetry.

The ones you don’t expect to see up front
are there now, and at the end of the race
just imagine the possible allegations tha
t could be made from each side, so that t
hings like Hillary said about “[Trump] mu
st have had help from the Russians……”

The ones who you think deserve a second c
hance will get one at this time. Whether
that is a good thing for the future, or n

A second chance at Good.
A second chance at Evil.
Follow the money.

Last night, there was a problem. A fast car sped past here.
Now is a serious time to be a duck in a pond.
What was said “exclaimed” out of the window of the car, by a female occupant, you might ask?
I don’t know. I was too angry about the fact a BMW/Infinity was making a full run at 104th. And someone was yelling hate of some kind, at 10:40PM.

A simple 911 call later I, as a civilian reporter of a “Traffic” complaint in Bothell, WA told the operator on the line at 10:42 that I didn’t need
to be contacted by an Officer. “No Thank You”, I said, “I am already in contact with one.”

Be in complete control and consistent, or be against the law and belligerent.
You can only choose one.

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