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As Potatoes Become Unburied Just in Time for Autumn

    When users reach a detected level of radicalization, Twitter uses mechanisms it controls to push those users out to the frays of the competitive landscape, so that those companies are then subject to more dangerous users, and a different set of challenges with maintaining platform integrity in a way that can be demonstrated and trusted is present in the ENTIRE COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE as a result.  That means THIS and THAT platform, all are potential harbors for the unknown.  It’s a scratch on the surface of a very expensive network, which has its flawed ways to operate and in the October 28 2020 hearing basically pleaded for cause to disable their own algorithm.  If the US Government were to want to co-opt Twitter in search of more accountability and trust, it would be as part of facilitating an upgrade of ALL platforms.  In other words, the Version 5.0 Netcast Free Trial disc would have the same platform on it, as received by Jack Dorsey or by the person in charge of this platform.

     Election Integrity roles at Facebook lack a sufficient balance in diversity.  There are records to be followed up on, and the $2.2 Billion in earnings must be earned defensibly.  What is the policy about bias, and engagement at Facebook?  I wonder.

     Which organizations are labeled terrorist organizations and where is NON-TIME-SENSITIVE information about these suspected organizations being relayed to law enforcement?  Which Confidential Human Sources (CHS) are out there just keeping an eye on Who?

     Violent attempts to overrun any group have been met with a range of tactics in the past.  Some just pick a corner and wait.  Many may have already appraised one or another cunning operator, as being in this very position, #cornered.

     Whatever the case might be, and whosever logic you adopt (and, as a matter of consequence whosever bulverist ilk you absorb) will be a factor in the rise or fall of your awareness as a result.

     The way we are informed about the existing disruption in the market today is, we face concerning possibilities if the internals at Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms continue to operate in the way they do today. 

     Consider that the steps they take tomorrow can be used in complete unison with the US Government, instead of there being a blocking force by Mark Zuckerberg (who doesn’t have data on the real-world impact, but knows he has 2 Billion Users logging in each day).  “Certainly the former, and potentially the latter as well” was his answer about whether the “Data Exists”.  HE does not know what types of collaborations are working on the question of real-world impact.

As he stacks racks of hundred dollar bills atop his sugar mountain, making Every Single Possible Dollar in ad revenue in the earthspins leading up to the election, consider that only you can decide what to expect from the platforms you use.

     You and I can agree that if you read this and say hmm, and it reminds you of a time you said hmm before, there is a new bulverist ilk being inculcated in your mind about the way this and other other content has changed over time, and features such as stories (i.e. “a map will soon appear”) have appeared to serve every audience.  Apart from the use of a map showing the way Members of Congress represent us, there is also other useful information to be gained from more recognition of the daily priorities of Members of Congress.

     When Dorsey says a pairing of the two (algorithms and users) do the moderation, and not his employees, the flagging can at times be done by a robot user.

     Which world of less hate and misinformation are they brewing, when some of the content that can impede ANY USER with a simple report or flag or label to the tweet you want to send?

     Liability for what is said on Twitter is in limbo, with the law being different when the publisher (i.e. creator of the bot) is in fact Twitter Inc.  Also in censoring by standing up bot users, there becomes a few issues I will not go into in detail here for fear of losing my last reader.  The correct information on this topic is easy to research and find for yourself if interested.  There are testable theories and there have been studies.  A map will soon appear, and it will not resemble a blueprint of the past.

     Zuckerberg has made more than $2.2 Billion on 10,000+ political ads sold since May 2018.  What level of altruism is Mark operating under?  Greg knows.  And Greg has taken up the scent of Mark’s bulverist ilk now, to be clear.

     Who owns America’s future and what divisiveness is on THIS vs. THAT platform?  Researchers want to know.




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