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Controversy and Conspiracy Theories

Some theories have now risen to the point where concern is being raised about “what is believable” after all.  MSM News Networks all warn against the viewer believing most of the conspiracy theories out there. 

For law enforcement in America the struggle for justice has taken on a new form, and the fundamentals of the conspiracy theory universe have been turned on their end!  But that was always bound to happen.  Law Enforcement must have enforceable laws and our communities must be kept safe by whatever means necessary.

If we do our part today, the world we wake up in tomorrow will be better for everyone.

Organized around a fight for freedom, we can turn “what is believable” into “what is believed” in America.

The time for sensitivity to diversity is right now, in 2020.  The United States is taking this issue head-on, and it will involve new Public-Private Partnerships with all types of companies.  In fact, by the end of this month RFP (Requests for Proposal) are being assessed by the Trump Administration in this very area – creating capabilities to revolutionize Law Enforcement in the USA.



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