Members of Congress On-Demand

Devin Nunez elected to CEO of Trump’s Truth Social Network

I don’t blame Devin for accepting a non Member of Congress position and agreeing to lead Donald Trump’s Truth Social Network.

The way the US Congress has devolved has been led by ineffective members such as Rep. Raskin, Rep. Swalwell, Rep. Jayapal, Nancy Pelosi (The Speaker of the House), Baby AOC, and others.  The truth is plain for all to see – these (and other) Democrats don’t want what is best for America.

Devin will head up a platform which will be the envy of the LOW IQ Mark Zuckerbuck, and the National Security Risk that is Twitter’s newly minted CEO.

The hope that the virus and the pandemic would be confronted in a serious manner by the Malarkey Administration has proved to be just one of the pandemic-era aspirations emitted.  In fact, the fading hope for the recovering US Economy is something authors are writing all about online at the present time.  

In watching the Mainstream Media, you will witness the virus (or the Birus, whichever you say) dictate the rest of the 2021 News Cycle and beyond.  The root of crime and violence, according to a recent briefing by WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki, is the Pandemic.  The response, including an elevated production of Instant Tests, is ongoing.

There is no doubt that many of the networks are hiding stories that matter too.  Mattering is about outcomes, and I do understand that there are things about this virus that everyone should know, so that the health effects are at least known, in this pandemic era.  Some of the things that could be said (inculcated, reminded about) are not based in profit, and are therefore not a huge priority in the eyes of the media.  The media has been sold on the vaccines being a solution, yet they somehow fail to report on the continued spreading of the virus by vaccinated patients.  This continued transmission is a NORMAL part of the “vaccines” that are now being distributed — in that is has been demonstrated that patients DO catch and spread the disease, undetected in the case of the thoroughly vaccinated.  This means that when a patient exchanges his or her mask for a vaccine passport, there is a REASON that the mask is still suggested, mandated, required…  And it is all about Science and the Scientific method that these FINDINGS become available.

I just wonda why Fauci doesn’t delter his attitude.  It sucks and he is eating up valuable time acting as a PR Agent for a Foreign Country rather than anything CLOSE to a Representative for the United States Government. 


Fauci is a fool who did bad experiments on Beagles,
funded this whole mess we are in
lied about it

And he has the gall to use IamBiC PentAMeter on the air to try to hypnotize his audience..





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