June 10, 2023


Members of Congress On-Demand


What is the prevailing style that has replaced “instagram aesthetic” on CongressAnon’s Instagram, and what is this 19-day period going to culminate in? Sips of the truth were present among the torrent of mistruth. That is a word people use for “a lie” sometimes. Do you know what it means – not necessarily. But does it make sense when truth is said louder than mistruth and everyone goes “wow he is outspoken” and starts to agree? Only somewhat. There is still the effect, which tends to create division within the issue. So people go, no matter how much of the “truth” you offer, it still hasn’t and won’t change my mind…. they mean it, and they’re being honest with you. They perceive the true experience of meeting a moment with an action – a clarification, or an extra fact. An input, or a suggestion, a new trend or a consistently followed pre-existing one.

Don’t let the lack of statement by one party limit your own independent actions.
For fear of the change in narrative which your unpredictable behavior would yield.

Laughable enough, if you ask me.

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