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By: Chris Hanrahan

Editor at MAND

Many Americans have understandable and well-reasoned objections to things like the US Election, the Southern Border, and other current events.  Some have chosen to leave the Election Controversy in the past, and have even loosely labeled the events which brought the election in to question as “THE BIG LIE”. Mark Zuckerberg Interferes in Election; Locks out President Trump for 2 Weeks Beginning Today.

The Dig for Election Fraud Evidence

Serious questions about this topic existed early on!  Democrats are aware of the vulnerabilities inherent in the election system as we know it today.

Election Security W/531 Days To Go

I think there is another reality, however.  And you may see that too.  You see, the $50,000,000 that Team Trump spent to EXPOSE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE NOVEMBER 3 2020 ELECTION proved to MANY AMERICANS that there was MALARKEY DETECTED.

Now, are these understandable objections?
or are they simply the makings of a public threat?
what is going on in the area of public opinion, that you see?

The things that we have separating us from the version of the future we intend to be a part of are many.  Handouts are common and are only one scenario to be considered.  The handouts that happen as a result of social policies can somehow mute or render other rights incomplete or deprioritized.

The best thing to do is to understand that where we have been has incorporated some amount of fraud and abuse.  also to remind you, the media has picked up the rebound and made sure that this deception has landed with members of the public.  the things that you can think, or say, or do, are at least in some way rooted to what the MSM (Mainstream Media) wants you to think, say, or do.  In fact, your discoveries are limited by the future set of illusions that those around you will be under.  There are things that will change these outcomes and there are also unmitigated certainties that have been designed long ago to make progress impossible, improbable, or only an abbreviated version of what is really attainable.

The outcomes that we do hope for can be vocalized, and communicated among the members of the communities we are hoping to build.  in the campaign promises that we can listen to (subscribe to, promote) there are TRUTHS, and there are campaign promises by the other side which will never and can never be kept.  this creates an outcome that is in the interestes ocf someone other than America.

This creates ANGER in some and the MSM focuses on the fact that ANGER fuels a Domestic Terrorist Threat.

hahhahahahhahahhahahahhahaha no.

Look at Afghanistan and the REAL threat that was probably not inevitable in the form we can see it today.  Today is less safe because of the missteps of yesterday.

No Malarkey…. Remember Everybody?

No Malarkey at all.

DJT should swipe the slogan and USE it this time…..
MAGA-  applause

KAG-  applause

No Malarkey Under Trump-   perhaps the most popular future motto (but test it) there can be.

Use it or lose it, these campaign slogans are Essential given the attention span of voters everywhere.  For example, does any Joe Biden voter believe that there is No Malarkey, under Biden?  Yes, certainly.  But they are horribly deceived and it is scary but realistic to expect that people trust the slogans more than the politicians who select the slogans.


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