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Melarkey Detected

(Friday June 12, 2020)

Breaking News: Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon have removed support for some Law Enforcement applications.  Does this mean they are pulling the plug?  Well, once the US Congress gets around to granting new civil rights to Americans, along with regulating the use of Facial Recognition, we may find out.

(Brain Exercise) Imagine being placed inside a room with 1001 non-identical copies of former politician Joe Biden, and having a seat at the middle, as “a Trump Voter”.  How would his words try to persuade you to vote for him?  What would the loudest copy (of himself) say when it was presented to you, “come on man” and suppose you didn’t abandon support for President Donald Trump in favor of Joe Biden… winning the debate would be a matter of listening and speaking… listening and speaking… just like that.  Listen to all of what these Joes say to you, and really think about it…

(Sports Fans) What you see around you is just like a game of golf.  It starts with a drive which brings you to about an 8-iron range, and it ends with a putt into the cup.  If dealing with the very awkward Joe Biden as a candidate, and trying to support him by proxy in smaller “D vs. R” debates in your community, there is inevitably (wow) a shortage of comebacks available in the arsenal of responses that Melarkey Joe will feed you.  Instead of siding with the Democrats, who have proven to be corrupt, the lowest Melarkey score on the ticket in 2020 will in fact be Donald Trump. 

(Steps Forward) As successes are achieved in the remainder of this year, it will be with a renewed vision on diversity and acceptance.  In my view both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are going to be on the right side of this issue – to promote diversity, together, for all Americans.  Controversially, some burdensome and obtuse protections for the LGBTQ have recently been stripped and there are calls for replacing the laws that have been rolled back, and very large crowds of people who want to channel their good intentions (in unison, as a group with allies) to become further accepted…  In the meantime, what changes will be felt by groups in the LGBTQ community?  That is not known yet.  The overarching hope is that nobody gets left behind, and along the way there has always been the argument that “male” and “female” are the only genders.  In a progressive era, where changes are more commonplace than the opposite, there are things taking shape to protect all Americans.  Americans of tomorrow will have to look to the history books to see what the “civil rights” movement has become and is about to become.

(Coronavirus) In the midst of a pandemic, many are making choices which render approaches like ad-hoc contact tracing useless.  The core part of what makes the contact tracing process possible is time, and there’s a lot of weight on the shoulders of the people who lead the effort to contact trace the coronavirus to the extent that we can.


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