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Snap Into Reality August 17 2020

Who is pushing America in what direction?  By what methods/means and on behalf of what nation  Has Trump sabotaged plans to re-do the Country into something it was becoming under Barack Hussein Obama?  What is the nature and the MOTIVE behind the changes he has helped to usher in?

The effects of the Midyear Exam Investigation into the Trump 2016 Campaign have continued during the ensuing 1460 earth-spins (read: “days”) and these effects are now a form of Melarkey so detectable that the opinion polls are finally beginning to transition to reality.

When it comes to any political issue of debate and the differences each of the candidates for President have to offer to the American People, there is much that could be focused on.

Biden’s idea of 2A rights, for instance, are peanuts compared to the 2A rights that Trump has and will always defend.  At a juncture such as today, the roar of debate incorporates too much of Biden’s ‘come on, man’ line of reasoning as it pertains to the REMOVAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS IN AMERICA BY MELARKEY JOE BIDEN.

In terms of the upcoming Democratic National Committee proceedings this week, there will be many well-prepared politicians on the liberal side, giving their speeches, often in pre-recorded format and of course with no live audience do to this year’s Pandemic. 

Since 2016, when the world watched Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Commission (DNC) unfairly elbow out Bernie Sanders and claim the Presidential Nomination, the turmoil has continued devolving.  Today Bernie Sanders will deliver a speech on behalf of the maligned Democrat party.  It seems that many of his supporters are still mad and in disbelief about the shift to a Biden ticket in an effort to bring the party together.  Bernie Sanders has said he will get on Team Biden the moment he wins the election.  If he wins the election.

Democrats and Republicans don’t often debate in real-time, so what you see instead is an asynchronous presentation of the platforms that each of the parties believe in and subscribe to.  In cases where a “red state” exists, there are conservatives voting to elect Republicans.  When a “blue state” exists, there are oftentimes globally enshrined interests often much further reaching than what a conservative Republican would like to see in their elected officials. The debates are often the chance a strong candidates need to set themselves apart from weak candidates.  Melarkey Joe Biden has said in the past that he “can’t wait” to compare his intelligence to President Donald J. Trump.

America has already decided, Joe, that what we must do from here is re-elect President Donald J. Trump.  There are of course also some voters who take preference in the Democrat party, in Joe Biden as a politician, and most prominently and frequently, in a #nevertrump way.  However, those voters will have a challenge to meet, as the incumbent has great popularity and is doing a fantastic job as President of the United States.

And when enough Democrats are elected to office, slippery slopes get worse and the whole Country ends up worse off.  When voting ‘up and down the ticket’ either way, you end up with shoe-in radical left politicians who tend to make matters worse for the majority of the people in their state.  Take for example the cases of the Democrat led cities that Trump often cites.

The 2016 Hatch Act Violations which you may have heard about before, were a product of a corrupt USPS Union which illegally assisted Hillary Clinton in 2016.  This led to the demise of Bernie Sanders as a candidate and represented one of the MANY ILLEGAL OVERREACHES by the Corrupt Liberals of the DNC.  The coordination goes deeper than that, however.  There was also every effort by the incumbents in office (Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Melarkey Biden) to ILLEGALLY UNDERCUT THE 2016 Trump Campaign, and to engage in what has been shown to be a deep-reaching abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts.


So who of the Trump Campaign met with the Russians in 2016, and coordinated to induce domestic interference in that election??  The Mueller Report answers that, by saying “nobody”.  Despite this truth, there has been a persistent conspiracy theory purveyed by Hillary Clinton which has long insisted that President Trump would not have been able to win the election if not for the “help from the Russians”.  What help, Hillary?   

A conclusion is offered as such:  The rabbit hole Biden’s hand in Hunter Biden’s deals,along with Ukraine’s Covert Crowdstrike Operations, and China’s decelerating CCP at large, have long pointed to cases of Domestic Interference being rampant on the part of the DEMOCRAT PARTY.  This was the case in 2016 and it is even more centrally significant in 2020.  

The media frames it like this: The Russians want Trump to win, and the Chinese want Biden to win.  Understand what the storyline will devolve into, from their perspectives?  Is that what the American Media Audience wants to witness?

The story is largely in Biden’s pocket.  Obviously with many a “conspiracy theory” label being used to discredit anything mentioning or questioning ANYTHING significant about the 2008-2016 O’Biden Administration.  Whether it’s corruption in elections, or maliciously weaponized Fake News, there are certain things that Biden wants you to believe, and the Main Stream Media will gladly spoon feed that to you whenever you tune into their shows.  The true storyline is this:  using more muscle than finesse, the O’Biden Administration tried to undercut the integrity of the election process.  Using falsified predication, and creating a roux right in the media’s kitchen, they did their worst.  And all the time, they got caught.  Just because the news starts to say something on a given date, doesn’t mean that the truth has not been revealed elsewhere, much sooner.  When the brief version of events that transpired makes it to the news (or not, with some stories) there is an accompanying storm of truth that contributes THE WHOLE TRUTH.

Reflexive responses of Americans vary, but sometimes the claim of ‘more information’ on a story can sound like CONSPIRACY THEORY.  Unfortunate.

So, consider the nature of getting to know these candidates right now.  Americans must make the intelligent and informed choice in 2020, so that the progress that Trump began on his first day of office can continue forward.  What types of things come to the top of mind when considering who to vote for in 2020?  That is something that interests any psephology expert, some informed voters, certain educated audiences and all inquiring minds.  It is not just YOUR vote that matters, but also the votes of Americans you don’t see around you.  As America views the DNC Convention tonight, let’s take inventory of the BIG and SMALL POTATOES being cast as ‘strengths’ by the pundits of Presidential Candidate MELARKEY JOE and President Donald J. Trump.



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