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There is widespread paralysis among those who want to prevent “the other side” from accomplishing a political “”win” in the US Congress.  For too long this has 1) been the problem 2) been the status quo.

As frustration builds, and as otherwise smart people (who are our elected leaders) fail to make good deals for All Americans, there is certainly the opportunity to paint with too broad a brush, and to speak in confusing instead of clear terms.

People who tend to draw the hard line (and adopt an ‘I’m right and I can’t be convinced otherwise’ mindset) can be reasoned with only in the greater dialogue.  The conversations witnessed across the aisle during debates in the US Congress on the House and Senate floor and in House and Senate hearings are sometimes productive and sometimes not.

So as timelines go on, and as the interests of the affected parties (Democrat, Republican) should align but still aren’t, a perspective is gained and the opportunity to demand action becomes amplified.  Consensus in bipartisan calls for change can become the root of meaningful and lasting change.  The USA’s French Revolution has to wrap up sometime fast, and the outcomes can either be good or bad.

An information era, with concentration of power in the hands of unaccountable actors, is the context in which you read this post. 

The Breadcrumbs blog takes a timeline approach (not just in the headline moment) and covers many topics in each post.  Before publishing each blog post, I imagine a liberal know-nothing saying “none of this makes any sense” as their contribution.  Many of them wouldn’t understand a new message (and one of striving for bipartisanship even) regardless of the grammar and sentence structure used.

The United States isn’t feeling well because of the Pandemic of 2020, and also has other urgent concerns.  As for the prognosis of the USA in 2020, it really depends on whether the AHCA takes us forward or if the ACA is brought back.  If Melarkey Biden gets reinstalled (and becomes the surgeon in charge of fixing all the wrongs in America) then some of his ideas have damning implications going forward.  Some on the other side of this statement (those who categorically disagree and oppose the Anti-Biden tone) have ideas that are difficult for them to articulate. 

Right now our Country really is in an election year split.

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