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The Future of Ballot Harvesting

My hope is that by November 3, 2020, Ballot Harvesting will be made TOTALLY ILLEGAL!

What would we do then???

We would want to do something intelligent instead of Ballot harvesting in California, where it is legal. In the other 49 States, Ballot Harvesting is currently ILLEGAL.

The United States should establish a unified (50-state) brand new system for voting, which should include a USA VOTERS ID and the ability to vote via flexible formats, in a new and modern way.

If the price of our Freedom is going up, then the assurance of Fair Elections should also go up, as 2020 barrels on. We will be in the midst of a very dangerous Coronavirus Pandemic still when November 3, 2020 rolls around.

So pick a “voting place” nearest you (it might be located near your bathroom, or in your closet) and the address you live, paired with your Voters ID, can be used to verify your Voters ID during the November 3rd Voting Day, when without a hitch, your one voice will be heard, to cast one vote for every leader you believe in, and to demonstrate your silence for politicians on the other side.

To those who vote candidate-by-candidate, I applaud you. For it is you who sees the specific outcomes for each Party of Government for what they are – neither all good or all bad. Bipartisan thinking is good, among constituents.

To those who vote straight Red, I applaud you.

To those who vote straight Blue, I recognize you too.

I think the people who want to vote (The American Citizens) can all agree pretty unanimously, we must not only give access to a vote/a ballot in November, but we must also improve the vote in November. The 2020 US Election simply must not be a fuck-up. So spring in to action and contribute your voice, demanding Voter ID in 2020 if that is what you believe in.

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