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The Root of a Potato

Think about the question “what are you talking about?” as asked by someone in the real world.  Are you ready to give them an answer they can dig in to?  What if a person asked you a question and you could say go to mocondemand.com/i3wr/aiu289 … and by going to that link, a “potato” offering an outline could be viewed.

What the conversations about “R vs. D” go too far, it becomes clear that they want us divided.  However, by offering up narratives that you come up with (or ones you strongly agree with) on a social network, there can be new common ground gained in important conversations.  The news would be secondary if you shared your ideas in such a way.  Would you like that?  What if it went past just “posting” + choosing a photo for the “post”?

Potatoes as a unit of information expose the world to both sides (a reasoned evaluation of both sides) of an issue that you wish to examine or look up.  And if people were to follow the link, and see who “i3wr” is on the website (the debate-ably obscure + unsuspecting mocondemand) anyways.

Potatoes are something that announce their presence with billowing bows of leaves, and white + yellow flowers on top.  When looking at most fields of potatoes, you might know what you’re looking at by the sign present near the field that says “potatoes”.  I’m just guessing that’s the case.  The key to growing a potato is to bury it under dirt after it turns into something like a “spud with buds”.  You can cut the potato into pieces (that’s called chitting) and bury them together, with the buds facing “up.  Then cover the potatoes with soil.  Add some soil with fertilizer of your choice, and pile up the dirt above “ground level” once the potato stocks emerge.  By supporting the stalks in this way, new growth becomes possible in the potatoes below, and in the stalks themselves above.

Further lessons on techniques to “make a potato post” are something of a work in progress, because “text” and a “photo” is the interface as of now, viewable under “User Blogs”.

To post a new blog entry, the use the “blog” button on your profile (near “notifications”, “messages”) and then write a new blog.  Enter a title, Description, Tags, choose your image, and select content privacy and you can post on mocondemand.


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