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We have to agree that many of our disagreements are just a matter of issue framing these days— esptribe (@esptribe) November 9, 2018

Chris Hanrahan, ESP Tribe

When people speak from a place of personal experience, we all must listen— esptribe (@esptribe) November 9, 2018

Chris Hanrahan, ESP Tribe

It isn’t enough to just refer to the people and views that we already know.
It also isn’t good to resort to a place where we don’t share what we think.— esptribe (@esptribe) November 9, 2018

Too many minorities feel that they are treated unfairly. But the pendulum of racism is not on their side, as many of them are being racist with their views. Exclusion is always what results out of a feeling of unfair treatment.
— esptribe (@esptribe) November 9, 2018

The struggle with facts and with narratives is as dynamic as the speaker wants to be.
The arguments are as nuanced or as baseless as the audience wants them to be.
— esptribe (@esptribe) November 9, 2018


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