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The Outcomes of the Google Congressional Hearing


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By Chris Hanrahan

There was a preamble to the testimony that happened between Google’s CEO and Congress earlier this week.

There are mixed opinions on the outcome to what was said, and many of the promised written responses have not been returned to Congress yet.

There are people thinking a couple of things

Many of the liberal (or bought out by China) arguments say that Congress doesn’t know what they’re thinking about.

Some of the Democrats used their time to praise Google for sending 100 engineers to China. This compliment was given after a very weak line of reasoning, with a baked in conclusion – that their role in America continues to be altruistic and that it is a blessing that we have a big, smart company like Google doing research which can better connect a country “Like China”. The Congressman (wait for the link) said that he was so thankful that there were such smart people (100 Google Engineers) that had been tasked with what might be a good model for furthering Google influence in any country.

Google is already in my Country (The United States is my Country) and there are lots of things that I feel the company should be doing differently. For one thing, there is the overall incompetence inherent in some of the answers (for instance why didn’t he use Google to answer some of these questions, if Google is so smart). It’s simple questions like these that need to be asked, and answered.

At the meeting the other day, led by Pence, with Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer present as well as the Press and perhaps most notably, the Press Secretary (who was seen taking notes) who, by the way, I believe should be the comedian at the WH Press Dinner in 2020. If not her, then who?

So the questions for Google continue to come in, and we await some revealing testimony in several aspects that will be very influential in shaping our path forward.

It should be the straightest path possible, and some of the debate needs to shift, in order to get that type of a result from this process.


Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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