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There is much new conversation among many of the people in this Country who are increasingly steering the subject of their discussions toward the actions of the newly elected 116th Congress.  And I listen and learn from them as they pontificate their ideals in the form of something they would say or ask during a Town Hall style meeting. There are a large number of people who would like their 90 second chance at a microphone, so that they could be heard by their Representatives, and hopefully by like-minded Americans.

Yet the simple reality of even the most well-equipped Town Hall setting (think back to the Parkland shooting aftermath and the verbal reverberations that event brought, for instance) is that no question rings on forever. The problem with the way we ask and answer questions has to do with friction. To what degree does the audience perceive the dodging and reframing tactics of the modern seasoned 21st century politician? To what extent is technology responsible for the way the conversation develops and goes? In other words, can we point to the forces which attempt to censor or silence certain parties or groups, members of the community at large?

Maybe the truth in the end will reveal that there are time-based power plans by the Deep State which evolve over time – and have the capacity to severely skew the progress of the Country.

Intelligent people are speaking about these things and I for one am paying attention to what they’re saying, and also what they aren’t. Coverups on every issue, everywhere. We can’t dig through the layers of tricks to get to the truth, most of the time. It’s an asymmetric advantage and it’s held by those who are in charge at Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

When thinking about the way we communicate and speak, the unsaid becomes the most interesting aspect of the conversation. We have been taught to internalize in some cases, the true thoughts we have about one issue or the other. Therefore it is not within our role as individuals, to defend against the more vocal propagandists which would bring us out in some cases to begin to speak the truth on an issue we care about. Instances of what I am talking about here can be readily observed by observing the discourse between members of any conversation.


Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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