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The Government Shutdown continues

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Acosta’s Fake News CNN network called the Air Force and ask them if they’re going to come after the Commander In Chief for signing hats and violating their own version of ethical standards. 

The response: “no”.

CNN has faced a long battle with the truth so let’s hope for the best and get a bit more investigative as we search for the “why” with regards to their channel. It will take time.

Stories: These are all stories. But for posterity, we must pin the best of them up against each other every now and then. People are writing articles about both sides of most of the issues that people are talking about. But they aren’t even getting close to writing about what truly matters. Most people would never dare write something even [this long] and post it publicly. They’d have to really know what they were saying. 

The people that defend the core arguments of CNN are sometimes unable to back up their opinions very well. Nobody wins an argument with someone who has seen some of these anchors in character, on their shows. Think Cuomo. What’s that man really like? 

Most of the things said about the type of people who would submit their written response in essay format among the comments of the debating masses, would be crazy. Very few people align with any argument in a meaningful way at all, on Facebook. The one exception to that rule, has been the “me-too” movement which has preempted the entire phrase. 

Rarely do these people, who respond on the comments about their opinion of my opinion, make sense at all. 

Sometimes they will comment and block me, and I will get what I like to call, “the first part of the notice”.  What ensues is a variety of responses, likes, laughs, and I get to partake in none of it. Do you see what Facebook has become now that I’m talking about it?

I know that people are watching the blocked comments, as they are visible to others. When it all comes down to it, Facebook has built  some type of a social experiment with a survival instinct, at any cost.  They want to remain as profitable as they once were. Unfortunately for them, there is now enough anti-Facebook jargon bubbling to the top that it actually becomes possible to create a better social network, through what we see Facebook failing at.  There isn’t any shortage of people on the sidelines of these comments, either.  I don’t like to sit there and scroll through comments for hours, but others take pleasure in doing just that.

Conversational Health
In the same light, twitter is often a similarly non-productive conversations with low fairness and low conversational health.  As Jack Dorsey said last year before Congress, the platform was never meant to be fair or promote what our Country calls “free speech”.

But the founders, employees and stakeholders of these companies have wittingly or unwittingly brought the very definition of “free speech” back into question.  There is even talk of the need for an “Internet Bill of Rights” which would ideally allow us to reassert some freedom – particularly when we think about the internet.  It’s time to rewind and review the following facts about Facebook before we even think about it in that way though. For now, I’m just saying, CNN, the DNC, and Facebook are allies, not enemies. And that’s not to mention the politicians, intelligence agencies, deep-state operatives and perhaps the most damaging of all, a mix of all three.

Now we’re talking about “Hatch Act” level stuff here. FISA goes both ways. Follow the money. 

Suppose we want to begin the “what’s next” in any area.  The first thing to do when that happens is stop and look around.  Begin to see the “what’s now” in a way that puts you in control of the larger situation.  What’s the underlying apparatus that is trying its hardest to make your actions moot?  What can you do to interrupt the narrative just enough to get the attention of the masses? You may not succeed in every endeavor you attempt in this way.  Some may try to even stop you from making true impact.  See this and attack it head-on, to make the best of the chances you have to make a true difference.


Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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