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Objections Abound in the Declared Third Party US President 2020 Bid – Howard Schultz (Centrist Independent)

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Seattle’s Howard Schultz Announces Candidacy for US President (2020)

Howard Schultz, a self-declared Centrist Independent, doesn’t find there to be anything palpable or attractive about running for President as a Democrat in 2020. Β He does however think that what the people need is a strong 3rd party candidate. Β 

Would he actually mind if his candidacy precipitates a Trump victory in 2020? Β I doubt it, actually. Β As the Democrats try their hardest to focus their constituent base on voting for only members of the Democrat party, the voice of the people will be heard. Β For the cost of just 1 cup of coffee per day, you could help elect the next US President!


Chris Hanrahan

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