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On Racism: Disparate and Desperate

Virginia Governor Ralph Northram appears in a 1984 Medical School Yearbook

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By: Chris Hanrahan

For long into the future, the position of Governor of Virginia will represent a referendum on racism and on the Democrats.  

Will Ralph Northram be allowed to stay?

We all know by now there are problems with racism in Washington DC.  Democrats have a special relationship to racism, and the fact is they try to make Republicans out to be the party in crisis.  

Today blackface and KKK outfits were brought to the surface in a photo of the Governor of Virginia from 35 years ago.  He said he was sorry today in a statement, stating that “I am deeply sorry”.  

Discernment and the Presumption of Innocence

Virginia will have to decide its best past forward.  When racism is discussed on channels like CNN, they will bring along all the other topics that go along with today’s racist photo of the day.  They say that there is even differences in treatment of people medically, due to race.  Racism in their own ACA.  No arguments here, actually – there is a strict form of Healthcare Fascism where nobody benefits, and racism and other factors have a polarizing effect no matter the color of the patient’s skin.  It just works out so that nobody wins.  

On matters of favoritism, racism, and making the exception when convenient to (for your party) we should always look past the headlines to the greater pattern of rhetoric.  It is nice to see that there are bipartisan calls to get the facts right this story, and then to act.  

Ralph Northram says that he did not purchase a copy of the yearbook in question.  Despite his early and initial apology (“I am deeply sorry”), he now seems to be suggesting that he did not appear in the Blackface/KKK photo.  He is suggesting that facial recognition be used on the photo, and that an analysis be performed, presumably by a third party.

Do the majority of Americans think that there is a bigger racist swamp within the Democrat party or within Trump’s GOP party?  

I say, Disparate opinions call for Desperate arguments to be made.  Will the media decide to cover the Democrats in an “innocent until proven guilty” way?  To my knowledge, the Governor of Virginia does not need to resign because of this photo surfacing.  



Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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