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China in Context

China in Context

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By: Chris Hanrahan

The United States of America has a President who it seems is willing to negotiate PR points, with China.  Even though this is the case, the intelligence on this topic has not and does not lie — the fact is there exists a threat in China in 2019 and going forward.

Negotiation: Broadening the Pie

Economically both countries must cooperate.  The decision to negotiate around points of mutual interest, especially on issues where outcomes have not been good in the past, is crucial.

Right now the President is dealing with China in more ways than one, and is shaping the intelligence community’s answer so that it better serves our Country.  

CNN covered a story going into what was meant vs. said in the open testimony by the Intelligence Community yesterday.  No journalists were allowed into the closed session which closely followed.  Some parts of the testimony of the Intelligence Community was all too revealing – concerning hardware/software produced in countries such as China.

Clarity in Time

Over time, we will likely see strict new regulations against some of the more divisive and integral vulnerabilities which China consistently exploits.  The appearance is that there is economic incentive for bad actors in China to target the US, and that’s what they’re doing.  Some of the facts around this (e.g. what is a State Funded vs. Independent action) are blurred.



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