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[FISA and World Series in DC] ‘Go Expose’ – and ‘Go Expo’s’

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October 28 2019

By Chris Hanrahan

It’s anti-corruption week in Washington, D.C.  The way the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was used during the 2016 Presidential Election is under the magnifying glass at the present time, more than at any prior time in the history of the Country.  The MLB Nationals (previously called the Expo’s) are in for a Game 6 on Tuesday, having fallen behind in the World Series 2 games to 3.  Many have already predicted a Game 7, and there are some fans who won’t stray far from their couch between the writing of this article and the last pitch of the 7th Game.  Fans are just that into the game of Baseball.

It’s baseball season in 📍Washington D.C. and it’s fighting corruption season as well.  As for the impending reduction corruption, terrorism, and war in the world, we can all give thanks to Trump for being resilient even in the face of ISIS and even in the face of the half-baked impeachment efforts from the left (the Democrats).  Like a hit into center field can put runners into scoring position, Donald Trump has appeared on the scene of politics as the 45th President of The United States and is Making our Country Great Again.  

In addition to the Trump insiders we hear about, there are also many unseen players on Team America who continue to fight and place the futures of other Americans above their own lives every day; bringing something unique to the table with their actions.  And there is no shortage of people who meet this description, on the internet.  The main problem is with exposure, and with finding strength of voice – a message that resonates.  Something that people revisit and come back to.  

The cases with politics and baseball are much alike.  No 2 at-bats are the same, and each at-bat represents its own set of risks (like, to begin with, if the batter is going to stay in the batter’s box when a pitch is either thrown through the strike zone, or through the batter’s box).  For pitchers, accuracy can be hard to maintain and to throw it through the batter’s box is only 2 or 3 degrees different than to throw it over the plate.  Sometimes it’s a complete accident.  Other times it’s just baseball.  A little bit of inside heat.  On a baseball team, everyone has a role to play, even if that role is a bench player.  The role of a pitcher is unique.  Anyone can imagine the purpose of a strong bench player, and both the game of baseball and politics demands forethought regarding the bench.  And someone is always on-deck.  The fans know that no matter the outcome of the games, all 9 men in the lineup will get their chance to swing for the gap in center field or to hit it over the 402 foot wall of the left field of Nationals Stadium.

But the lineup isn’t where the teams end.  Some of the most motivational bench players on the Washington Nationals have learned what it means to be on a winning team, just like some of the most talented starters for their team.  The Nationals’ season has exhibited depth, strength, and what it takes to win the Major League World Series.  Their opponent, the Houston Astros is a very strong and consistent team who has dominated most of the opponents they’ve faced, and has limited the Nationals to a very small number of runs in games 3, 4, and 5.  Game 6 represents the National’s last chance to “tie up the series” and in Game 7 the fans will get what they want – a 0-0 start, and a last and final chance to emerge at the #1 spot.  That’s baseball.  I would like to see a 12-inning Game 7 Finale, with the Nationals coming out ahead.  But first they must defeat the Astros in Game 6 on Tuesday.

The 2016 US Presidential Campaign was one for the history books, which are in a large part being written in the wrong way.  All that history is still new, and the facts as known by the public are still in a state of flux.  If we look at the breach of public trust on the part of the Barack Obama Administration, it’s easy to see how many looked to Candidate Donald Trump for a new chapter for America.  Make America Great Again was his 2016 US Presidential Campaign slogan, a slogan which has purity in meaning, and Nationalism at its core.  For all Americans – Make America Great Again.  That was the winning path to victory in 2016.

Bearing in our minds, the minds of future generations, and their wiser logic which will form out of days not yet begun.   The Great Question, to whom do we trust the list forming function of the US Government?  There invariably exists lists of such immense purpose, updated upon each suggestion that they be reviewed, added to until they are so full they require a bigger and better list-machine.  the thinking of government has been fairly steady for the past 50 years.  Two possible trains of thought arise.  The Department of Defense awarded Microsoft the Statement of Work (SOW) for PROJECT JEDI.  Microsoft has shown more restraint than its competitor counterparts (Amazon Web Services, Google, and many others) while trying to capitalize in the post-2020 secure cloud services market.  

We have to debate what is going to happen in America during the 2020-2024 time period.  Will the Republicans take back the House of Representatives?  America will either be preparing for its next round of Trump or it’ll be learning to adjust to the powers that are on the horizon with Democrats back in control once more.  And before people let the this next statement offend them, they should look deep inside and feel the feeling of inevitability ahead.  America will either be pointed towards 2050 the MAGA or the Democrat way.  

Just what does the world really think about President Donald Trump? Remember why he was on the debate stage for the Republicans in the first place.  The papers calmly painted him as an outsider.  A well-known outsider, who has a history we all know about.  Think in whatever terms you want to.  All of this forms your opinion of Trump.

Think back to his victory.  If you wanted him to win, it was easy to see how it was always possible.  Donald Trump took an early lead in the race, which led to an easy (and well fought) victory in 2016.  There were some decisively revealing truths brought out involving both Candidates in the month of October.  For Donald Trump (‘grab them by the pussy’; a hot mic), and for Hillary Clinton a number of worse/ more consequential things (notably her paid speeches whereby she said one thing behind closed doors, and another thing to the public, while in office).  I say Trump took an early lead because his supporters all saw him as the ideal candidate (for change) from the start.  If they were looking at the Democrat debate stage, they were thinking Donald Trump would be the wrong type of change.  Many of the Democrats’ only tactics were centered around ensuring Trump wouldn’t win.  And they all failed, but they all tried.  As Trump artfully debated during his 2016 Presidential Campaign, he was quick to take down his opponents, and he was tactful given the circumstances he was dealt.  In fact, the total set of circumstances in his victory are (you guessed it) debatable given the continued secrecy on that topic.

All through 2016 US Presidential Campaign it was Donald Trump’s debate stage – him in the center; him seen as Candidate for Change.  His supporters saw him as the right type of change.  So is the GOP complicit in making Trump President? Yes, undoubtedly.  But I think Trump mainly did what he did, on his own.  It’s true that in building alliances he was able to get the support of some of the GOP, and he couldn’t have crossed the finish line in quite the fashion he did, had he been less effective in that task.  It’s an impossible goal for most of us.  That’s why we don’t run for office.  But we vote, and we observe the tactics between the parties.

There were instances of the GOP not playing nice, from the beginning too.  For instance it was known at the time that The Trump Campaign was using a different set of Voter Data than the one the US Government and the GOP was using.  There was a decision point for The Trump Campaign, when it became necessary to “go their own way” with the way voters info was attained, shared and used.  Look at the Bernie Sanders campaign now, and compare and contrast it with the way Trump ran in 2016.  In a meaningful way, Bernie Gutman (Sanders) is showing he is meant to be in the Major Leagues of Politics now.  Showing no evidence of slowing down, and with a recent health-scare close in his rearview mirror, he is now looking at the 2020 finish line for what it is.  The most crucial and consequential election of his political career.  Good luck Bernie.  But please put your own health first.  I have no doubt that the campaign has its own concerns (is Bernie overdoing it, etc.) but they all know what is on the line and they know that, in their [bulverist] way of thinking, Bernie is the only answer.

Data is important and we need to be listening to the answers Candidates are giving in the area of voter outreach and other areas.  It’s a model for government, and it’s being cooked up by many of the front-runner Democrats, in an effort to unseat President Donald Trump before he has a chance to hold a second term in office.  Eventually Candidates will be asked about this aspect of their campaign.  But I don’t know if their answers will make sense, but I’m willing to closely cover this topic when they do give those answers.  It’s a competition for popularity and the cryptorich voters who support some of these candidates want their power too.  Many of them already have it.  In the end your goals are your own and anything that can be done lawfully support a candidate should be done with strength and decisiveness.  As much strength as the American People can possibly muster, is what we now need.

Voters in Power, and Paths Forward.

Don’t let the fundraiser numbers fool you.  The real power behind any candidate will always be the Voter.  Paths to victory in elections are thought about from the standpoint of Voters having the ultimate say.  The Electoral College, which as of the writing of this article is very much central to our democracy and intact, guarantees voter representation.  The next step invariably will be an authoritative and defensible Universal Voter ID.  Some of the left gets very finicky when the idea of a “new list” is brought up.  A list they don’t control and manipulate, at the states level?  It seems just controversial enough to make a stink about if you’re a Democrat, doesn’t it?

The goal with elections in America is to move forward.  To this end, in 2020 it will be necessary for our Country to build up its Election Systems.  This incorporates physical and virtual voters badges.  And it should certainly incorporate, in it’s final form, the features that each Candidate comes up with.  The Executive Branch has some real power during the approaching 2020-2024 time period.  The supporters of any Candidate knows this, or at least they think they do.  They either love the fact that Trump has control, or they think it should be someone else in that office (in 2020, they want someone like Joe Biden back in instead).

But momentum is a predictable thing and it’s not always evident to all, in the same way.   Momentum and its effects, both can describe baseball and politics.  They’re a predictable series of plays, runners on bases, outs on the field, and a “we have a Republic, if we can keep it” mindset.  Baseball is a game of leagues, with the players having the final say in what happens on the field.  But as we see in cases of PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and team lineups change, not all MLB players are on the same level of sportsmanship.  The final two teams of the 2019 MLB Baseball Season are fighting this one out.  I say, “GO EXPO’S”.

 The pace of the Expo’s when this World Series first began was rocket-like (with so many runs scored in the first 2 games by the Nationals); and now that’s what Nationals fans are looking to see in the 6th and 7th games.  Everyone likes a good comeback story, and I think that’s what we are about to witness.  If they fail to win this one, the World Series will go to the Houston Astro’s.  A team with the best record in baseball.

I know that there are no two people who view the world in the same way.  Analogies about baseball, explanations of politics, and other topics.  It doesn’t all connect with every reader.  That’s some of what makes reading one of my articles an interesting and unpredictable endeavor.  That’s MOC On-Demand.  What does MOC On-Demand mean to you?



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