Members of Congress On-Demand

The 23 Billion Dollar Border Security Deal

By: Chris Hanrahan President Trump has signaled that he will not veto the latest agreement to be put on the table by Congress.  He says that he is “not happy” […]

Negotiators Have Reached Gov Funding Agreement

By: Chris Hanrahan Developments in Border Security The negotiators have announced that a deal has been reached, which includes funding for the wall and other items.  The appropriations committee has […]

Wall or No Deal – DJT

Jan 31, 2019   Message From the Trump Administration on the wall “On any given day some 2,000 individuals attempt to come into our Country illegally,” Vice President Mike Pence said […]


Biggest Fentanyl Seizure in USA History

By: Chris Hanrahan The smuggler is a Mexican National, and was a member of the FAST (DHS) program, for Free and Secure Trade for Commercial Vehicles.   The DHS program […]

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