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Wall or No Deal – DJT

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Jan 31, 2019


Message From the Trump Administration on the wall

“On any given day some 2,000 individuals attempt to come into our Country illegally,” Vice President Mike Pence said today. Every day that our border remains unsecure is a gift for human traffickers, drug cartels, and gang members—and a loss for Americans who believe the rule of law shouldn’t disappear at our doorstep.



Today Donald Trump continued to make it clear that he does not intend to back down from his wall demands.  The day was not easy for Nancy Pelosi, in that she was unable to tame the media.  She doesn’t want the wall and is emphatic about some of the solutions Trump wants to bring to the table (e.g. temporary protection as opposed to guaranteed protection for the TPS recipients).

Walls, ladders, and #GoFundMe accounts #BuildTheWall Donors Have Until April to Confirm their Donations

Will we end up with an agreement containing solar panels, transportation solutions, more ports of entry (doors in the wall), more technology of all kinds, and indeed at its core, a continuous wall?  

We will see what happens.

Chris Hanrahan


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