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Members of Congress are stumbling back into the halls of Congress, drunk off of the feedback their constituents have hurled in their direction.  People are thinking, ‘what is my Representative or Senator going to be doing from now until the end of the year’? and nobody knows the answer.

The 2020 Fiscal Year begins October 1, and there will be yet another escalation to every issue, every candidate, every news story that the media want to keep under your nose as much as possible.

You will also have the choice to come here and look at the MAP 535, which will attempt to encapsulate the issues in a way which once again gives you, the American  People, a voice in all of this.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all able to get more out of check-ins with the Members of Congress that represent our States and Districts?
  • Wouldn’t it be valuable to educate the public about the ins and outs of The United States Congress?

A look into the Twitter/Facebook Town Hall/Instagram of many of the Members of Congress shows that while some success stories are out there, politicians still struggle to create relevant social media engagement every day.

Can mocondemand be part of a positive solution which can help fill this void we so closely perceive?  Or will the prevailing public opinion (that I don’t care about Congress; it doesn’t concern me) be more popular in the end?  Will people choose to never contact their Member of Congress, and to still go to the polls on November 3, 2020 to vote RED or BLUE?  That’s not the way Americans vote.  For many, this will represent a #firsttime.  When America votes in 2020 it will be after the longest year for US Politics, which is about to commence right in front of the world (with the start of FY2020) just like any other day to the unsuspecting bystander.

When the sum of US Government contracts and funding is tabulated it will be evident that running America is expensive. When voters go to the polls in 2020, they will be faced with the obvious choices of what to do next.  1. To bring socialism to America (and to bring Obama back, by electing his former VP, Gaffer-in-Chief) or 2. rescue the Country from Obama-era policies in furtherance of the Making America Great Again Movement.

I think your guess (how will America Vote) is as statistically significant as mine.  You might have a prediction, and reasons for your support of a particular politician, party, or candidate whose goal is to be in the position of Member of Congress.  On all the social media platforms (the ones that take up the time on Capital Hill) we have been talking about The First Amendment.  

It’s an important issue worth having opinions about.  The intersection of Politics and the right to exercise First Amendment Rights is perhaps more consequential than the current fight of many to be able to “choose your own *” and be positively legally recognized in a light you choose for yourself, rather than to be “prejudged”.  Prejudice indeed has become the default mode for those who seek to “virtue signal” and basket supporters of some Politicians as “deplorable” without so much as an original thought to justify it.  But no matter who the voters (the speakers of First Amendment “free speech”) really support, we all have the right and the responsibility as Americans to a voice and a vote in 2020.

Whether it be the dangerous proposition of implied affiliation in social networks, or some type of current event meme controversy, what is true with all things is also true with many of the experiences seen and felt on Social Media.  Controversy is good for the conversation.  We can see the way the #FakeNews Mainstream Media acts and judge it in any form we wish – and there is a lot of negative chatter about the stories they run and the biases they hold.  In truth their corruption and fraud are more public (and readily opposed) than at any other time in recorded history.

We stand at the brink of the United States Government’s Fiscal Year 2020 just trying to enjoy the last 3 months of the 2010’s, which we will never have back again once the Roaring 20’s have arrived.





Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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