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Schiff: Time is Up

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A photo of Adam Schiff taken way before he lied about what President Trump said on the Ukraine telephone call.

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Pelosi & co. refuse to bring their inquiry to a vote because they have no serious interest in searching out truth and…

Posted by The White House on Monday, October 21, 2019

By: Chris Hanrahan

The White House posted earlier today:

Pelosi & co. refuse to bring their inquiry to a vote because they have no serious interest in searching out truth and justice.

They’re simply on “a quest to impeach the president, regardless of what the truth may be or what is just,” Rep. Andy Biggs writes.

I aim to be an informed member of the American Public when it comes to matters of Intelligence, National Security, and Politics.  Chances are, anybody paying attention to the news regarding Congressman Adam Schiff can see a path of destruction happening for someone.  If you’ve arrived at this article with a different perspective about the Trump Impeachment Narrative, then take a moment to consider what has brought you to your current viewpoint.  Maybe you voted for Hillary Clinton, and wanted there to be just a little more support for the Democrats in 2016.  Maybe you’re even among the populace who thinks Donald Trump is a Russian Spy, or asset.  Public opinion polls (the rigged ones) are all over the questions too – of impeachment, investigation and inquiries.  Their audience is only as informed in their opinions as their backgrounds allow them to be.  Much of the audience has a tendency to trust fiction more than fact.  For a long time I have been following the story of the impeachable offenses of the left. In fact, much of the narrative is more informative and interesting to follow closely than the false and misleading narratives surrounding #RussiaGate and more recently #UkraineGate.

Once you’re done with the rabbit holes which have led into smaller and smaller rooms within the Democratic apparatchik and you look around objectively, thinking “how did we get here” there will be an inclination for many of you to further investigate, along with the US Senate, the other side of this alleged corruption.  The reason that Donald Trump was asking for help from Ukraine is that there was corruption on the side of the Barack Obama and Joe Biden campaign during the 2016 election.  In fact, BO and JB tried to use Ukraine as an implement (a funded asset of the US Military) to catch some of its own citizens in some sort of state of high crimes and misdemeanors.  But there was no there there.  And as a result, Ukraine has begun to agree to help reconcile for the American Public what exactly was done, with their new “anti-corruption” directive under their newly elected leader.  The terms under which they’re operating have yet to reveal themselves, but it looks very interesting so far.

Ukraine wants the world to see it make a turning point out of 2020.  Ukraine’s anti-corruption agenda will implicate a criminal element of the Democrat party which Donald Trump has called “the swamp”.

There are many different understandings out there, about what the developments all mean.  Add them up on your own – and you may come to an opposite conclusion than I have.  But it looks to me that there is a crisis on Adam Schiff’s hands that he won’t be able to handle.  The House of Representative rules are being stress-tested.  Secretive, closed-door policies have been enacted and the Democrats have indicated that they are not going to be opening up the proceedings.  So guesswork becomes important, on the part of [all journalists using all media].  A tweet can be labeled a developing story, or a conspiracy theory.  And it’s up to the audience (and the non-audience) to decide what to include and exclude in their own narrative.  Fact-based allegations (like those against Biden and Clinton) seem to be outpaced by the constant flow of what the Mainstream Media would like you to focus on instead.  And when opinions are cast, the audience is liable to listen to what makes sense to them.  For many, the broad-brush efforts by the MSM to brainwash the public en-masse have failed.  Their channels have been turned off and the messaging is no longer being heard.  In the House of Representatives there are daily reminders that the Republicans want to learn the truth about what’s going on with the impeachment proceedings.  There is daily outrage at the lack of fairness in the rules.  

As the rules stand now, Republicans can’t call witnesses to testify.  That right is only retained by the House Majority Party, the Democrats.

The Democrats are in total control of this #NeverTrump witch hunt, and the media are soaking up every fabricated lie that Adam Schiff can arrange.  For Adam and Nancy to succeed in this crusade, they’ll have to defy all odds.  My bet is on the side of Patriotism, Truth, and Good – and this futile effort to impeach a standing President will be matched with a campaign of information about the Bidens and Clintons.  It seems that Hillary is even thinking of getting into the ring for the DNC’s 2020 Presidential Nomination.  That doesn’t surprise anybody.  To her supporters, it would only make sense that she run again.  But it looks like a disaster brewing to me.

Adam Schiff is sponsoring the Democrats’ 4-year long investigation into President Trump in the most professionally damning of ways – by putting himself out there as yet another proven liar that gets away with unfair treatment, while in his seat as Chair.  Behavior like Schiff’s is not what Americans want to see in Congress, regardless of where party lines may stand.  There is no denying that Adam Schiff owes Donald Trump a public apology.  You may think that the Impeachment Proceedings are going to benefit somebody other than Trump, but I would have to disagree with you.  I would ask you, what do you really think this whole investigation/inquiry is going to uncover?  The left has nothing but lies for the American Public.  Once more of the facts are out, more people will side with Donald Trump.  The facts are out there in such an obvious fashion that many Americans have already decided (on the right side of history) what to stand for and who to believe, on issues of Foreign and Domestic Collusion in the 2016 and 2020 election.  

But it doesn’t change the fact that the current prevailing “anti-Trump” opinions are nothing new, and have proven to be as malleable as the propaganda which continually adjusts to fuel the narrative.  First RussiaGate.  Then UkraineGate.  Who knows what the supporters of Tulsi Gabbard will be talking about 8 weeks from now.  

You just can’t make this stuff up!  No matter what you think, it should appear humorous to you on some level to think that our future hinges on the shoulders of 12 nominees and one incumbent for the Office of the President of The United States.  It’s very instructive to observe how these candidates agree and disagree on the wide array of issues, the headlines, the turns in the plot that America will take as we all continue to live in a Country which  spins once daily on this planet called Earth.  The drama will unfold whether we are party to, witness to, or aware of the unfoldings.  Some people have a clearer perspective on the exact facts than others.  Anybody reading this article can understand how everyone you meet, and everyone that meets you,  knows something you don’t.  

Meanwhile, as Schiff brings the proceedings against Trump to a much anticipated crescendo alongside Nancy Pelosi (third-rate politician and as Trump says, the “‘former’ Speaker of the House”) it will all amount to small potatoes.  In opposition, and more logically, some say Trump is the one doing the destroying – telling third-rate politicians like Nancy Pelosi what he thinks of their obstruction tactics on important matters.  Americans will see the political writing on the wall.   Trump 2020 means “Keep America Great” and that’s what the American People want for their Country.

No matter what they do next, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff will NOT be the model of law abiding Democrats in 2020.  The public eye is still adjusting to the new brand of political corruption, discrimination, negative inferencing, and propaganda.  I see that many people are catching on to the reality of what this all means – with plenty of time to spare until November 2020.  Suffice it to say, the Democrats are all about justifying their own brands of discrimination.

In return, record fundraising levels have been flowing into the The Trump Campaign, brought on by the #UkraineGate transition, which proceeded the #RussiaGate investigation that ended (in my opinion) when the Mueller Report found NO COLLUSION between any American and the APT’s who are being handed the public recognition of having hacked the 2016 US Election.  An APT is an Advanced Persistent Threat – our adversaries in action.  They say it was the Russians who hacked the election.  But if you read the Mueller Report with any level of discernment you’ll learn that there were other (redacted, unnamed) countries which also conspired to commit the same crimes, of Foreign Influence in the 2016 US Election.  Any ideas, anyone?

I still don’t think Americans know the real story of what happened in 2016.  And even worse, very few are even still trying to pay attention to the story.  The public just doesn’t bother anymore.  In terms of information, the public will get the information they need to vote, but not right now — they’ll get it eventually.  Americans are putting off the task of being informed.  Are they waiting until the impropriety of the left (Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff) is brought to light?  I think so.  

But in the meantime, while we all wait, it is interesting to watch the strategy of apathy that has been woven into the youngest generations (and even among the older/aging generations).  National Security will be priority #1 for the 2020 United States Election.  What is Domestic Interference?  What is Foreign Interference?

The conversation writ large is worth observing and listening to, if you haven’t been.  This article contains my thinking about the way Adam Schiff is in violation his Oath of Office by not opening up the rules, so that Republicans may be allowed to call witnesses.  At the same time, he is fabricating evidence against DJT.  Unacceptable!  I want to see this unfold into the full House of Representatives and I want to see if Nancy Pelosi can do her job.  

Can Nancy stand and do her job?  I would like to see a New Nancy, at her post as Speaker of the House, before the Full House, being helped by the assistants like all of her Speakers Pro Temporé have been, in her regular absence.  She should DO HER DAMNED JOB!  She has no excuse to not bring Impeachment Proceedings before the full House at this juncture.  She’s letting Adam Schiff do whatever he wants to do, and so far it looks very poor.  The Full House (all Members of Congress) should be involved with what is going on now.  In the United States, all prior impeachment proceedings have involved more transparency than the one we are seeing now.  Many Americans are not paying any attention whatsoever to the way things are being conducted now.

I get a feeling that Tulsi Gabbard would have something to say about the types of Democrats we need leading her party.  She is presenting herself as a very patriotic thinker – and is being realistic about what she’s saying about Hillary Clinton.  It’s no coincidence that Tulsi Gabbard is friends with Trey Gowdy.  Well, may you go far, Tulsi.  I wish more Democrats thought like you (or chose to express the views you do about HRC) but all I see are bulverist leftists.  I see their accusations about Tulsi (she’s a Russian Agent) and I see the Chinese Agent labels that can be put on many of the people trying to besmirch her, if the money and interests were to be truly tracked.  If Gabbard lasts until the final debate stage(s) it will be because of a much needed Democrat pro-truth swing.  

And I don’t think many Democrats would go anywhere near Gabbard.  She has taken it as her duty to inject a pro-truth layer into these otherwise scripted debates.  I really liked when she asked Elizabeth Warren a question in the middle of the last debate.  It’s too bad the moderators needed to go to commercial at that time instead of let the front-runner answer at last, “what makes you qualified to be Commander-in-Chief”?  Does anyone have any ideas?  I might have an idea.  In any case, she owes the public an answer and I have yet to hear an answer, let alone a good answer, from her.  Tulsi Gabbard has started to take on the “Russian Spy” label from the far alt-left and is going to prove herself innocent through her campaign.  The fact of the matter is, many of her competitors are running on an agenda of corruption.  It’s what DJT meant by THE SWAMP.  And more than just Joe Biden is being talked about in this respect.  You can’t rule out corruption on the part of any of the candidates, even after they drop out of the race.  For instance, former candidate Jay Inslee is about as corrupt as they get.  His vendetta against Trump continues, even after his race has ended.  

The current Governor of Washington State has proven to not have the fortitude to last into the Winter before the 2020 Presidential Race.  Two sets of Democrats are circulating now.  There are those who have bowed out of the race (such as Jay, and soon Joe Biden) and those who are still in it (like the Obama-Grant seeded #YangGang Andrew Yang) and Tulsi Gabbard.  And people like Bernie Sanders, who are popular among the 2016 Democrat base, which still wants to back a candidate they believe in, and sees nothing but Hillary Clinton’s frontrunners in the race instead.  

So Hillary, are you getting in?  What a plot twist that would be.  I can imagine it happening though.  It may be just what America needs.  A rematch!

Do you, like I, object to the recent actions of Chairman Adam Schiff Schiff as his Intelligence Committee continues to corner witnesses of their choosing and try to escalate or drum a false narrative, and says he is investigating matters of foreign and domestic interference on the Republican side when really the collusion and crime was all on the Democrats side.  Whenever moments of truth happen on the House and Senate floor, the American Public ought to see some of what is happening. But there is a lot to consume.  More than any one human can reasonably be expected to consume.  Moments of truth are masked from the public eye in a number of ways.  It’s about distraction.

Look over here, nothing to see here, nothing to see over therethere is no over there.  There is no there there.

Joe Biden says he is going to “beat [Trump] like a drum”.

I got news for you Joe.  Joe – get off the stage.  you’re not allowed to run anymore.  You really think you’re going to come out ahead in this thing?  Come on, man.

Just because “Joe Biden” says it on a stage doesn’t make it what’s right for the Democrat Party, the DNC, the Democrat Members of Congress, or anyone.  The front runners are just one gaffe away from a precipitous fall from relevance, like the one that has HRC’s book selling for $.98 at every local bookstore.  

Some of what is being said about the Bidens now should SHOCK people.  I won’t even bother listing the controversies here.  Search!  The finalized version of this topic, in the internet history book will be reminders of what having a loud voice gets you.  Without further advice, Joe Biden and Barack Obama rapidly authorized OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE against the 2016 Campaign of Donald J. Trump for President.

As articles pile on to the internet pile of words, the odds of who is going to read those articles and see the stories for themselves becomes lower and lower as the attention deficit of the public paired with the overwhelming quantity (and in some cases striking lack of quality) is apparently in control over the pre-destined or pre-designed level of information the public was supposed to consume.  But there’s plenty of there there in corruption allegations against the Bidens.  And anyone who is trying to insist the opposite is just deceiving you!  

Do your best not to listen to them.  We can prevent an uninformed public, by throwing our voice out there on the topic and looking at what happens next.  It’s always worth the risk that someone won’t understand or relate to the words you choose.  No speaker is infallible in this way.  In fact, there’s a trend towards silence (not chipping in) and people are avoiding all types of situations for want of a less involved way of communicating.  We tend to want the content to be readily consumable, bit by bit – and we each have our own definition of what is worth reading, listening to, and watching.  And we will see our preferences shifted not by our own doing, but by the ability of the networks to fit our interests, and not the other way around.  Groupthink and Bulverism currently defines the actions of the U.S. House of Representatives.  America has nothing positive to learn from the way Nancy Pelosi is allowing the House of Representatives to run amok.

The Biden family has to now be impeached.  Here we have a politician who played a role in the dirtiest Administration since Nixon, with Barack Obama.  A long standing “member of congress” and a man with seemingly endless gaffes.  He’s a proven liar, because he has said such divisive and untrue things about President Trump, and his signatures are all over the domestic spying operation that was conducted against the Trump Campaign.  He approved it without much question, it would seem.  Gotta love Joe, right?  The poll numbers and fundraising numbers somehow still show that he is in it to win it, and his favorite line “beat him like a drum” really has people wanting to hear more [sarcasm].  He’s doing his best Joe Biden impression, and we all get to watch.  In fact, his audiences are beginning to even do Joe Biden impressions.  It’s a laugh to watch.

Joe, I don’t think you have the stamina for the rest of the race!  I’m taking the liberty to announce the end of your campaign, as of the time of the publishing of this article.  Good try, Joe.  You aren’t fit to lead the Country.  Anyone looking at the facts (let’s say Tulsi Gabbard, for instance) can see you’re not going to win the DNC nomination.  The Democratic National Committee has most recently nominated and almost elected to the Office of the President of the United States, Crooked Hillary Clinton.  They should not (and will not) make that mistake twice in a row.  Joe Biden is the exact description of a flawed candidate.  So was Hillary Clinton.  

I don’t think mocondemand is the first to announce the end of Joe Biden’s candidacy for the internet, but I know we won’t be the last.  America has had enough!

It’s impossible to learn everything adversarial about the Clintons or the Bidens or the Bushes but one certainly can try!  Just like Adam Schiff has put himself up to the task of learning adversarial things about the President of The United States of America.  He’s trying to take down a standing U.S. President, through whatever means necessary!  The task of learning everything about Obamas is maybe a little harder, given the distance he has recently put between him and the public.  Just how strongly is he planning to campaign on behalf of Joe?  That could sway the vote!  We will see.

Whatever happens — and it ALL will happen — there will be plenty of ways for the public to get their “information” and there will constantly be a lot happening between headlines as seen on FOX News, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, and other channels.  At the same time, new networks, new brands, PACs, and all manner of [Internet Journalist] will come on line to try and win the attention of the public, amidst the already plummeting Cable Subscription numbers which will all spike further into a pre-2020 era unless they do something to save their dying brands.  For starters, many of the MSM networks may benefit if they chose to tell the truth about Trump more often.  

Some of what you see on stations like MSNBC is sheer garbage and shouldn’t be on the air.  They also have some responsible and honest journalists there.  But at the end of the day the damage gets done by the newscasters we are so familiar with because of who controls the NARRATIVE at these news networks.  It’s about the feeding of a narrative, and the Cable Networks have it down to an art.  Regardless of the facts that may be on the table, the Cable Networks currently have and have always had the power to lie to the public.  It’s something they regularly do, as they try to align their loyalty to the powerful institutions which depend on their political objective. Lots of this is about the ability of individuals to gain an audience, and we’re dealing with 12 Democrats and President Donald J. Trump.  It’s like all of our eggs are in one basket right now!

Donald J. Trump, for President 2020 has my support and when the competition does something interesting or noteworthy, sometimes they’ll find coverage of their campaign on mocondemand, in some form.  If you see bias in the way I approach your candidate then you should step up to defend them.  (Ever heard of see something / say something)?  Is Joe Biden your pick for 2020?  If so, just use the comment section below to defend him with your own words.  As of the publishing of this article, and for all intents and purposes, he’s out!

Some people are talking about the merits of the other candidates.  

I agree that there are still big reasons other candidates are supported by large numbers of supporters.  

It’s even easy to see why some don’t like the President on a personal level.  Nobody on Earth is for everyone.  I see the dire need for (and lack of) positive Trump Media Coverage.  People that like Trump (try to) write positively about him, and people that don’t like Trump (try to write negatively about him).  Truth is so rare in the mainstream.  Over time, more and more journalists are stepping up to the plate to try to make an impact.  Batters up!




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