The Lie of Russian Assistance


The bearer of this card is a member in good standing of the Trump Train team, playing an integral role in helping to elect our next President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The member is officially recognized as a leader in our movement to Make America Great Again!

Religious Freedom Day


Today marks Religious Freedom Day 1/16/2020 By: Chris Hanrahan WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES are free and have the opportunity and the right to free exercise of religion free of persecution by law. Civil rights in 2020 does not protect any one particular group more than any other. The power of prayer is […]

Not Twitter

R 1

January 15, 2020 By: Chris Hanrahan Not every American quite understands yet, with enough vivid clarity that can be shared in a blog post exactly what has happened ‘in the course of human events’ between 2015 and 2020(now).  But I think the real US Congress Geeks (the ones we have heard from and the ones we […]

Frozen SCIF – Do Not Enter


By: Chris Hanrahan December 1, 2019 The Washington Deep Freeze is setting in and the month of December will be marked by a lot of distractive ad buying, promoting, of all stories other than the impending December 5th disclosure. In fact, the story will have to promote itself if January is going to make much […]

Adam Schiff: A Verified Bulverist


Adam Schiff is an ineffective leader because of his bulverist views.  Though he likely knows more than he lets on to the public, about just how much the Barack Obama and Joe Biden Administration actually fucked up, he continues to lead the media, the American People through the mud of conspiracy theory about the motives […]

GSA: Major Charges Filed Against Long Island’s Aventura Technologies Today


By: Chris Hanrahan November 7, 2019 Charges were announced today against Aventura Technologies, who sold “Made In America” Network Surveillance Equipment to customers within the US Military.  A device reconciliation process is currently underway, and devices from over 1,000 shipments (over a matter of 10+ years) which are linked to Long Island’s Aventura Technologies are […]